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GWT Participants

GWT Participants

This page is dedicated for the Participants entered into the Germanfest Wringenmeisterschaft Tournament (GWT). 




Here are some title histories on a few of participants in the tournament provided by Brian Westcott. Lifetime Member of the Cauliflower Alley Club;
 visit his page at

Michael Faith: Texas: NWA Texas Heavyweight Title-(2); Oklahoma: NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Title;

Johnny Paradise: Michigan: CWF Television Title; California: AWS Tag Team Title; California: HRW High Desert Title; California: AWS Heavyweight Title-(2);

Chaz Taylor: Dallas: GWF Light Heavyweight Title; Texas: USWF Light Heavyweight Title; Dallas: GWF Tag Team Title; Texas: NWA Texas Tag Team Title-(3); Texas: NWA Texas Heavyweight Title-(3); Oklahoma: NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Title;

“The Shooter” Vordell Walker: CCW Southern States Heavyweight Title; GPW Cruiserweight Title; GWA Television Title; SGWA Tag Team Title; AWA World-1 South Tag Team Title; Florida: SCW Florida Heavyweight Title; Georgia: GCW United States Junior Heavyweight Title; Florida: SCW Florida Southern Heavyweight Title; New York: UXW United States Heavyweight Title-(2); Florida: PWF Bruiserweight Title;

Tokyo Monster Kahagas: Florida: CCW Southeastern Heavyweight Title-(2); Florida: CCW Heavyweight Title;

"The Benchmark" Silky Baines: Texas: NWA Houston Texas Outlaw Title-(2);


6'3"  252 lbs  TX

With over 17 years of experience in the ring, Tim currently storms through the Texas Indy scene. To the delight of many promotions he has the look that draws the fans to the shows, especially the women! Storm has worked for promotions through out 38 states and several countries!

Trained by his Experience on the Road!

Wally Darkmon

5' 9"  155 lbs  TX

I started my wrestling training when I was 15 years old and had my first match at 16. I've been wrestling for 10 years now and I absolutely love it! Wrestling is where my heart is, it's what I know best and what I am truly passionate about. I started my training in 2001 with the NWA-Southwest and then I moved on to work with many other promotions across Texas and also Florida and Louisiana. With my crazy antics, hysterical laugh and wide variety of moves my talent can NOT be matched and that is why I know that I can win the GWT Tournament!

Trained by Mike Thunder and Jeremy Jett


Tejano Kid

5' 10"   200 lbs   TX

With over 10 years of experience under my belt, I am considered one of the meanest and toughest men around. There are many aspects about me that I earned in the ring with my blood and sweat. What I have was earned, and not just given to me!

I trained with a man named "Super T". I learned from him that you must fight and work hard for what you want from this business, but never to forget to have RESPECT for the business.

Wrestling greats like Rodney Mack, Heidenreich, Rugged Rod Price and Vance Archer to name a few, have put my abilities and skills to the test, but trust me when I say they have not forgotten the name of the TEJANO KID. I have been in many battles in my career that have made me who I am. The battle I will wage at the GWT will be the biggest one I ever have, so when I am through you too will remember the name ~ TEJANO KID!

Trained by Super T.

Big Dogg

6'1"   230 lbs   TX

 Big Dogg has been wrestling for the past 10 years cutting a path across the Southern Indy promotions holding various Championship & Tag-Team Titles. He is a big man, very little talk but a LOT of action! 

Trained by Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy / Manny Fernandez, Trainer

"The Dancing Machine" Bobby Fonta

5'6"   160 lbs   FL

Bobby has been wrestling for the past 5 years. He claims to have danced and wrestled men from all over the Mid-Atlantic, Florida and Puerto Rico. Being one of the smaller participants in the GWT doesn't seem to bother this gregarious young man. When asked about what he expects from entering the GWT, " I have been in the ring with the toughest wrestlers around, guys from 5'10" to 7' tall. I have had to over come the odds against each of my opponents that I have ever crawled into the ring with, and this tournament will be no different. I will dance and wrestle my way into the hearts of Texas and also the World!"

Trained - Jimmy Valiant (Boogie's Wrestling Camp)

Preston Veston III - DID NOT ATTEND

5'10"   231 lbs   FL

Preston Veston the 3rd has a lot to say and after learning of the GWT, his entry was immediately received. When asked why wrestling & the GWT was importants he says, "I hail from Sunny Hills, FL and wasvintroduced to Wreslting in 2005 by the King family which ran LAW, Lower Alabama Wrestling. Since then my career has excelled, I have held numerous titles for LWA, SXW & WIW. I'm an arogant, cocky young man, whose only concern is my talent & power. When in the ring, I am the master of my craft and I take control of the situation. I am entering the GWT to become a part of history, and to open the many doors opportunity. I feel like I have the skill and the talent to go all the way and become the 1st ever True Indy World Champion. And you can take that to the bank!"

Trained by Lower Alabama Wrestling

D J King "The TX Torture Machine"

 5'9"   245lbs   TX 

DJ King started his dream of becoming a pro wrestler over six years ago. He shed blood sweat and tears at the Taylor Wrestling Factory in Houston, Texas with the father-son duo of Tugboat and Chaz Taylor. He is a real student of the game who takes time to hone his craft.

"I have sat a the same lunch table with Harley Race; I was next to Ric Flair while he & I watched a documentary on his legendary career; Brother D'Von wanted to "steal" one of my custom submission holds; while Terry Taylor has told me that he was very surprised & pleased to meet a Rookie with so much respect for Vets & the Business itself!" DJ lives his life and career by the motto “I was trained by the best, to be the best in the Wold.”

When asked by the committee why he entered the GWT, DJ said “ I am going to with the GWT not only for me but for Tug and Chaz who believed in me when no one else would and when it is all said and done I will be the 1st ever Indy wrestling champion, so it' Torture Time for anybody that ya'll plan to put in front of me.”

Trained by Tugboat & Chaz Taylor

Lil' Luscious - DID NOT ATTEND

5'10"  120 lbs  FL


As Lil' Luscious, he claims to hail from the land of the Luscious Ones. He started wrestling as a freshman in High School in 2002 after being introduced to wrestling by his step-father, Luscious Larry, who is the owner of AWF.  He has held various titles for LAW & SXW.

The GWT committee asked why he entered the Tournament, he said "In my mind, I'm the best of my size. I am willing to accept any challenge from anyone of any size who dares to me wrong. Every time I step in the ring, I bring my A-game and I try to bring out my best in my opponent. I'm looking forward to showing my skills and talent in this tournament. I also am excited to becoming part of wrestling history! My plans are to win this tournament, and further my wrestling career. SO whoever wishes to go one-on-one with the Lil' Luscious one - Don't sing it... Just bring it!"

Trained by Luscious Larry, AWF

"The Professional" Steven Anderson - DID NOT ATTEND

5'9"   240 lbs   MN

 Steven Anderson entered the GWT as a struggling Radio Broadcasting student at Brown College. He has loved the sport of wrestling his entire life. When asked by the committee about why entering the GWT was important to him, he says "The sport of wrestling has been genetically coded into my DNA before I was ever brought into this world and I have been a wrestler from the first moment that I was able to lace up my first pair of Asics wrestling shoes and take to the wrestling mats but I wanted more than just medals. What I had wanted was to be a professional wrestler so that I might have the privilege of competing against the best that our sport had to offer and I have had to endured hell in the process of earning that opportunity. When my time finally arrived ten years ago, what I found were, and dare I say, "wrestlers" who sold out their morals and values to play dress up as farmers and even ninjas to "say" the wrestle!

What has become of professional wrestling? When I look at the legends who paved the way for our sport I think about men like Danny Hodge, Verne Gagne, Lou Thesz, Gene Kiniski, Nick Bockwinkle, Harley Race, Bob Backlund, Bill Ash, Stan Hansen, and Jose Lothario just to name a few and you know what these men had in common? They were men among men who never sold out! These men were champions both inside and outside of the ring and not a damn one of them were cartoon characters!

When news of the Germanfest Wringenmeisterschaft Tournament had spanned across the globe inviting any and all professional wrestlers to compete against the greatest athletes from around the world, I'd have been a fool not to enter. Honestly, if I walk out as the champion then it will be an honor but championship belts mean absolutely nothing to me as I'd rather compete against those who love our sport of wrestling and all I ask is that when you crawl in the ring with me, you give me everything that you have because when that bell rings I will show no fear, offer no mercy, and give no escape!"

Trained by Flatland Superstars of Wrestling LLC (no defunct), received mentoring from Tony Leone & Bill Ash 

Hangin' Judge

6'7"   265lbs   TX

Trained by the legendary Tom Jones in the mid 1980's at the UWF Training Center in Ft. Worth, I recieved the Top Gun Award in the class with the deepest talent in the history of the school. I broke into the business with Ken Mantell, of the original Wild West Wrestling. The first time I stepped into the ring for a match was against Ricky Gonzalez on TV & I won! However, Wild Bill Irwin brought me back to Earth at my next match which gave me the grounds for Future Success! I have been fortunate to work at the famous Sportatorium extensively; worked in promotions across 20 states, and was honored to be noticed by some great veterans, including Johnny Mantell, who took me under their wings and continued the training. I had a long running fued with Sam Houston; won the CWA World Tag Titles with Black Bart as my partner from the Dog of War & Brian Adias; was honored to work 4 matches for WWE and was partnered with Mark Calloway before he became the Undertaker. Over the years, I have held various titles in numerous organizations. But most importantly, "I am probably the most experienced participant in the GWT and am most certainly the oldest. But remember, treachery of experience will Win Out over the exhuberance of youth EVERY TIME!"  

Trained by Tom Jones / Wild West Wrestling, Ken Mantell

Cowboy Mike Andrews

5'8"   195 lbs.   TX

 Mike started wrestling at the age of 15, as it was always a dream of mine and I was privileged to grow up loving the business of Professional Wreslting.  I was trained by my dad, General Von Kessler and have work Indy shows for years. When asked why he entered the GWT, Mike says"I have enter the GWT Tournament to show my skills and my passion to the judges and to the world and hope to be come the 1st every GWT Champ and further my wrestling career!"

Trained by Von Kessler


5'10"   215 lbs   TX

 Skitzo has been wrestling for the past 5 years cutting a path across the Southern Indy promotions holding various Championship & Tag-Team Titles. He is a big man, very little talk but a LOT of action! 

Trained by Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy / Manny Fernandez, Trainer


Will Hitch

6'4"   245lbs.   TX

By Will Hitch ~

I am the most diverse wrestler in Texas, probably the World! I am a veteran weapons specialist from the U.S. Navy; hold the rank of Kukkiwon Black Belt trained by Lee's Tae Kwon Do and tested by Grand Master Chang Lee of Dallas; have a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and am an adjunct professor of Criminal Justice at a Texas University; am a master scuba diver and a licensed pilot; and am currently a detective sergeant with a Texas police department and the team leader of the SWAT Team.  

I was trained a few moons ago by the legendary Hangin' Judge and the Immortal Tom Jones. I  wrestled in the last show in the historic 4-H Arena in Wichita Falls which saw the likes of Danny Hodge, Ken Mantell, Stan "the Lariat" Hansen, Bill Watts, Sputnik Monroe, and Dusty Rhodes. I have been honored to be booked by the late General Skandor Akbar to work at the World Famous Sportatorium during it's heydey as well as have worked for every significant promotion in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

I may be a little older than most of the other Participants in the GWT but that just means that I will be showing them the signifincance of experience in this business. I have endeavored and succeeded in many areas and the GWT is next on my list!

Trained by Hangin' Judge & Tom Jones

The Benchmark Silky Baines

6' 3"   270 lbs.   TX


The Benchmark of Professional Wrestling, Silky Baines started training 6 years ago at a Houston gym under the tuteledge of Tugboat and Chaz Taylor. Under this great father and son team, Silky honed his craft and has become the man he is today. He says you can ask such wrestlers as The Blue Demon, Chase Stevens, Heidenriech, Kamala to name just a few that know him as the Benchmark.

When we asked Silky his plans for the GWT, he says, "I am coming to the GWT to prove that I am the Best. When I get in the ring I will become the 1st Independent Champion. At the GWT, I will win it all and everyone will see why I am the Benchmark of Professional Wrestling and they are not!"

Trained by Tugboat & Chaz Taylor



6'3"   255 lbs   LA

Ced-Man is a monstrous man who began his career in professional wrestling in 1996 with Southern Championship Wrestling. He made a name for himself for the following 10 years throughout the South. Ced choose to take a break from wrestling in 2006 to dedicate his life to his son after winning a bitter child custody battle. He says he does not regret stepping away from the business that he worked so hard achieve the ultimate goals, yet he knows in his heart that he still has what it takes and has been blessed!

When asked why he has entered the GWT Tournament, Ced says "I feel when I left the business, it was on less than my best. The GWT offers me the platform that I would be able to answer all the "what ifs?" and to allow me to seal the deal on all the hard work and dedication I have put into this Sport!"

Trained by Southern Championship Wrestling

Tokyo Monster Kahagas - RUNNER UP


 5' 11"   200 lbs.   FL

Based out of Florida, The Tokyo Monster has had a nonstop 13 year career wrestling throughout the U.S., Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. Trained and mentored by "The Haittian Sensation" Tyree Pride, John "Earthquake" Tenta, "Prince Iaukea" Mike Hayner, and Hector Guerrero, Kahagas' resume speaks for itself. Acknowledged in the Midwest as The Best Kept Secret in ProWrestling, and known as The Miracle Worker throughout Panama. The Tokyo Monster is coming to the GWT to make his presence known and earn the respect in the challenge of becoming the 1st ever Independent World Champion!

Trained by Hector Guerrero, John "Earthquake" Tenta, Tyree Pride & Prince Iaukea

TMK with manager Rico Casanova  

Terrible Tim Swiney

 5'7"   232 lbs.   TX

Tim Swiney has been a pro-wrestling fan his entire life. He was brought into the business and trained by a family friend, the original Awesome "Krusher" Kong ( of WCW fame) in 1993. He has been wrestling for the past 18 years in and around the Texas/Oklahoma areas for many independents such as SWF, IWA, NTWA, NAW, TPWA and ICW. Recently, he has started a promotion of his own, LWF - Lonehorn Wrestling Federation, to run shows in his local area. Tim has worked with many names throughout the years and believes that his experience will bring him an advantage in the GWT!

Trained by Awesome Kong (Duane McCullough)

The Cowboy Jeremy Young

 5' 11"   220 lbs.   LA

This is the Cowboy Jeremy Young riding his horse, Big T, straight into Muenster, TX to win GWT Tournament. There is an old cowboy saying "Shoot Straight & Speak the Truth" and that is what I am going to do at the GWT. I am orginally from Shreveport, LA but now make my home in Tombstone, AZ. I have been wrestling professionally since 1991. After a stellar high school amateur wrestling career, I continued my passion into the squared circle. Orginally trained by Sammy Sweeten and Jim Star (the Medic), I really made a name for myself under the tutelage of my good friend and trainer, the late legendary "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. Through his guidance and leadership, he enhanced my passion for the business and the respect for those who paved the way for me to have the opportunity to be the part of the greatest sport on the planet.

It's said that a cowboy never betrays a trust and I truly value professional wrestling. With a never quite attitude and unyeilding committment to excellance, I am ready to take my career to another level. Unlike others who may claim to be a wrestler, I am already a wrestler who inspires to learn daily, and get better in my craft. So to all other Participants - BeWare! I'm coming armed with the most dangerous move in all of wrestling ~ the Dangerous Backdrop ~ taught to me by the toughest man in all of wreslting, Dr. Death Steve Williams. So you better "Cowboy Up" if you think you have what it takes to step in the ring with the Cowboy!

Trained by Jim Star & the late Dr. Death Steve Williams


"Showcase" Shance Williams - DID NOT ATTEND

6' 2"

210 lbs.  


Showcase Shance Williams has been wrestling in Indy's throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Florida for a little over 4 years. He has been a wrestling fan his entire life and one of his childhood dreams was to be a professional wrestler. On his 8th birthday his dad took him to meet Ricky Romero in his hometown of Amarillo, TX, where he also met Chris and Mark. He was hooked! Shance has entered the GWT to continue expanding his wrestling knowledge.

Shance says "I would love to make it to the end of this Tourny! I will never stop trying at this dream that God has allowed me to be so good at. I know this is what I was put on this Earth to do. I love being in the Ring and I love making the crowd feel the emotions that I felt as a young fan! I believe we are all fans or we wouldn't be doing this. I know time is limited and know that I could be a great assest at a larger scale if I could make it through this. I have a truckload of heart plus some and could never stop doing this sport. I just want to wrestle and if that means winning this tournament is what it takes, then here I am. Nobody or anything will ever stop me. I'm gonna stop at nothing!"

Trained by Tony Morales & Mike Dibiase

Rocky Mountain Brawler Braiden Banks

5' 11"   260 lbs.  CO

Braiden Banks has been wrestling his entire life. Wrestling for 12 years in collegiate and freestyle wrestling, competing and placing in the Colorado State Championships 3 years in a row in high school before persuing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler at the age of 19. He has been wrestling Pro for 2 years after training with the Legendary Killer Tim Brooks. Braiden is used to beating the odds. When he was born he overcame a collapased lung, then developed Asthma as a small child with the doctors saying he would never live a very active life. He's lived his life proving them wrong. Being a professional wrestler is all he's ever wanted to be his entire life. He will claims he will stop at nothing to become one of the greatest of all time! The Rocky Mountain Brawler Braiden Banks has entered the GWT to show the Wrestling World what he has trained his entire life for... to be the 1st true Indy Wrestling Champion!

Trained by Killer Tim Brooks

Barrett Brown

 A young sensation in North Texas, Barrett Brown, at first was denied entry into the GWT. After a few trips to Mantell's Corral to prove his knowledge & ring experience to the Tournament Director, plus an extra release, Barrett was approved to enter. He is an impressive young man, who is looking to learn all he can from this weekend around such a wide range of Participants and Judges.

We asked Barrett to write a "promo" for himself, to imagine he was handed a mic in the ring & asked why entering the GWT is important to him....  

5' 6"   155 lbs.   TX

 "Ladies and gentlemen, an exception has been made in the GWT Tournament and my name is Barrett Brown. At first glance, nobody would take me seriously, but when I step into the ring, opinions change. I am still new to this business, but my passion and desire for professional wrestling cannot be denied. Simply stepping into the ring and being in front of a crowd has always given me a drive to succeed like no other. Now it’s time to take things a step farther.

My exception into the GWT Tournament means that I have this shot to show everyone what I can do, why I am here, and why I love this business. This is a very rare opportunity that I will not take lightly. I am coming into the tournament full-throttle, aiming for the top of the tier. This is my chance to make a name for myself, and to prove that this exception was not wasted.

This is my shot. The Germanfest Wringenmeisterschaft Tournament has officially added Barrett Brown as a participant. I will make my impact, and it will shake the tournament to its very foundation."

Go Barrett! We know you will have fans around the Rings....

Trained by Cody Knight



Jason Jones

6' 1"   215 lbs.   MO

Jason Jones started wrestling in March of 2003 at the age of 18. A decorated athlete in sports including football, amateur wrestling, competitive swimming and baseball, he now makes professional wrestling is primary sport. After training under George South in Charlotte, NC, he moved to Eldon, MO to train under the 8 time World Heavyweight Champion, Harley Race. Since beginning training at WLW, he has competeted in numerous matches against top names earning himself a top spot to the World Title in the promotion ran by Harley Race himself, World League Wrestling (WLW). In January 2010, Jones earned a spot to train at the Pro-Wrestling NOAH Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. During his 3 month stay, he competed on 2 tours against top stars including Naomichi Marufuji, Go Shiozaki, Atsushi Aoki, Shuhei Taniguchi and many more... Since returning, he has made it known that he has come to make a name for himself in professional wrestling. He has entered the GWT to prove to the World that he has what it takes to be a top contender and become the 1st true Indy World Champion!

Trained by Harley Race


5' 11"  

190 lbs.  


Phoenix has been working about 3 years and was trained by Chris Youngblood at Romero's Academy of Wrestling in Amarillo, TX.

 Trained by Chris Youngblood & Romero's Wrestling Academy


Vordell Walker


5'11"   240 lbs.  GA

A impressive man young man that turned professional in March of 2001 after being trained by Rick Mead and learning from such greats as Harley Race, Les Thatcher, Ricky Steamboat and Dr. Tom Pritchard, to name just a few. Vordell has previous experience in training with Judo, Goshin Budo Ju-Jitsu, MMA and has competed for several years in submission wrestling. He was worked for top promotions such as WWE, TNA, ROH, FIP and CZW.

When asked why he entered the GWT, Vordell explains, "I am coming to this tournament to show the World I'm the guy the wrestling world is sleeping on. I've never been the person to think that your dreams come true by waiting for things to happen. I'm coming to this tournament to prove my worth in front of people who mean any and everything to this business!"

Trained by Rick Mead

"Notorious" Shane Taylor

6'2"   375 lbs   PA

Trained by J-Rocc

Standing 6' 3" and weighing in at an astonishing 375lbs, Notorious Shane Taylor is an impressive figure the moment he walks through the curtain but the scary part isn't his size, it's what he's able to do with it! Already being dubbed one of the hottest up & coming big men in professional wrestling, Shane uses his freakish agility, strength, and speed to amaze fans and opponents alike. He's already garnered comparisons to the likes of Vader and many other great big men in only his fourth year. But even in such a short time he's already amassed 600+ matches all over the country and soon will be doing international shows in Canada, Europe, and Japan. If dealing with all these attributes wasn't bad enough, Shane has one more weapon in his vast arsenal, a weapon that many an opponent has witnessed before awaking to smelling salts and the doctor.... and that's his "Unprovoked Viloence" Lariat! A move that is being put up there with some of the best to have ever been thrown, the most notable being the Legendary Judge Stan Hansen.... Shane Taylor will no doubt leave a lasting impression in this tournament... Just how big, we will soon find out!


5' 11"   310   TX

Sean "Hambone" Lee, a athlete just starting out his career in the world of professional wrestling. Hambone has only been working about a year but is already making a name for himself. He is making waves across Texas after training with Tugboat & Chaz Taylor & the WOW Texas organization. He has also worked for STW, TNT, & has recently worked for NWA-Tennessee!

A impressive young man looking to show all the GWT Particpants, Legendary Judges & the World what a Hambone can really do!





Trained by

Chaz & Tugboat Taylor



Johnny Paradise

6'0"   211 lbs.   CA

Johnny Paradise began training in May 2002 at Revolution Pro's "Rudo's Dojo" in Southern California under Ron Rivera. (AWC) American Wild Child made his professional debut on September 7, 2002. He continued to further his training over the next several years under the likes of Super Dragon and later, TJ Perkins (Puma). In November 2003, he won the prestigiuos Rudo's Dojo Battle Royal at Revoluntion Pro's 4 year Anniversary show, thus earning a full time spot on the Rev-Pro roster.

After Rev-Pro closed its door the next year he struggled and spent some time as a referee. He then formed the team, Midnight Dynamite with fellow Rudo's Dojo alum, Charles Mercury in mid 2005. They held the AWS Tag Team Championship for the majority of 2006, earning NWA Pro Tag Team of the Year honors. Engaged in a near year long feud with the Young Bucks (TNA's Generation Me), that raged across countless promotions across Southern California, putting both teams on the map! Also enjoyed a year long run as the HRW High Desert Champion, the highlight of his 2 year undefeated steak in the company.

After a lengthy sabbatical from the ring to heal some injuries and improve himself physically (losing nearly 100 lbs.), Paradise returned to AWS and quickly became a top contender. On June 20, 2009, he captured the AWS Heavyweight Title in a 3-way match with Scorpio Sky and then-champ Scott Lost. Paradise held the title on two occasions for most of the next year. Feuding with Sky, Lost, Johnny Goodtime and a bitter war with luchador SoCal Crazy that has seen them do battle in street fights, a leather strap match, steel cage and mask vs. hair matches!

Paradise has also spent two years as the head trainer at the AWS wrestling school, and continues to lend his experience and knowledge at various schools and to young wrestlers throughout Southern California today.

Career Highlights:

  • AWS Tag Team Champion with Charles Mercury 2/06-10/06
  • NWA Pro 2006 Tag Team of the Year
  • HRW High Desert Champion 9/06-8/07
  • AWS Heavyweight Champion (2x) 6/09-2/10 & 4/10-6/10
  • Undefeated in Leather Strap matches, including a victory over legendary Mando Guerrero.
  • AWS Wrestling School head trainer: 2007-2009

Trained by Ron Rivera (Rudos Dojo / Revolution Pro)





5' 7"  210 lbs.  OH

Volcano, Jr. is a 2nd generation wrestler, who has been wrestling independent shows throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio for the past 3 years. His father and 3 of his uncles wrestled throughout the 1990's. He wears his family mask!

Trained by J-Rocc




5'11"   250lbs   OH


 J-Rocc, a impressive individual, that has worked with many well known & indy organizations for many years. In recent years, he has trained many of the wrestlers on the indy scene today, including Current WWE NXT Season 4 Star, Derek "Mike Hunter/Deviant" Bateman, Nortorious Shane Taylor, Raymond Rowe, The Cut Throat Crew and many more! J-Rocc has wrestled for promotions throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, as well as groups in West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, plus WWE, NWA & TNA organizations. In 2000, he debuted in the PWI 500 at #426 and was listed every year through 2005 at #406. He has received multiple awards and titles throughout his career, starting in 2001 with the NEPW (OH) 2001 Most Hated Wrestler to most recently being the 2010 Firestorm Pro King of Cleveland Tournament Winner.

J-Rocc along with several of his students and fellow OH wrestlers have entered the GWT and are looking forward to showing the Judges & fellow participants what Ohio Wrestlers can do in the Ring.

Trained by Tracey Smothers & JT Lightning

Backdraft Chris Lee - DID NOT ATTEND 
(firefighter & had to cancel to working wildfires in his area this weekend)

6'   240 lbs  TX

Backdraft Chris Lee started his wrestling career in 2009 in the World of Wrestling (WOW) under the training and supervision of Tugboat Taylor and Chaz Taylor.  During his career Backdraft has worked several independent show's across Texas and looks to branch out East.  With his love for the business and dedication to wrestling Backdraft Chris Lee continues to pay his dues inside and out of the ring.  In a recent interview Backdraft quoted,  "I believe that one should never stop learning and one must strive to make themselves better in everyway."   With a strong since of pride and love for the sport, Backdraft is always training and seeking advice to become a better and more educated Wrestler.  Standing at 6 foot tall and weighing in at 240 solid pounds, Backdraft presents a challenging match to anyone who steps into the ring.  With the "never give up" attitude, Backdraft looks to show the judges what he is really made of....heart and honor. 
Trained by Tugboat & Chaz Taylor


6'5"  265 lbs.  OR

Exile started off his career in pro-wrestling in the Mid-Atlantic region, being trained by Sonjay Dutt, and then NWA women's world champion Kiley McKlean. After a short run through the Virginia and North Carolina, Exile returned home to the Pacific Northwest where he continued his training with the Grappler and Sandy Barr. This real life 6' 5", 265 lb. monster now dominates the NorthWest holding Heavyweight Championships in Washington State & Oregon, as well as he holds one-half of the Tag Team Titles. He is defiantly a force to be reckoned with no matter where he steps in the ring.

He works well between power and technical style and is looking forward to bringing it all to impress the Legendary Judges.

Trained by Sandy Barr & the Grappler Lynn Denton

All American Mad Dogg

6'  235 lbs  TX

Mad Dogg has been wrestling regulary for 9 years. He got his start in PCW Arlington, TX. He has been trained by the Texas Legend, Action (AJ) Jackson. Mad Dogg has had the privilage to work with such local wrestling greats as Lvis, Skador Akbar, Michael Faith, Seth Shai, Maxx Muscles and many more. He has held the heavy weight belt for North Texas Wrestling Alliance (NTWA) and Wrecking Ball Wrestling (WBW). He was named wrestler of the year by another local North Texas group.

He believes he will be Top Dogg in this Tournament!

Trained by Action (AJ) Jackson


     6'4"   305 lbs.      TN

Doomsday has worked in promotions all over the Southeastern US. A 44 years old TN resident & Cancer Survivor. Wrestling has been able to help win a personal battle in his life against Cancer. He loves the business & wants this chance of a lifetime! 

When asked what entering the GWT means to Doomsday, he says "I can't speak for other participants, but I can tell you that this is an opportunity that means everything to me. For some it means being able to finally be seen by those who've helped pave the way in our industry. For others, it's a stepping stone towards success. For myself, it's about the competition and having the courage to realize that I can succeed despite the health scares and obstacles that I have encountered and prevailed over. I am looking forward to showing the World and all Cancer Survivors that if you believe in yourself, your dreams and goals, that anything can be done!"


Trained by: Danny Rose, Tommy Gage & Johnny Blaze


Chaz Taylor

6'   269lbs.   TX


"Wrestling is in my blood" From being 5 years old on the wrestling mats winning tournaments in Iowa to now, 34 years later, Chaz has seen, done, and experianced alot of things in his wrestling and life journey. "I'm not one of the weekend warriors with a job during the week and wrestle on the weekend, I am a full time Professional Wrestler!" Being second generation wrestler, son of Legendary HOF Wrestler Tugboat Taylor, Chaz decided to fight harder to earn respect and a name for himself in wrestling by NOT using his last name early on. He didn't want to ride coat tails. He got international recongition, notoriaty, and exposure on his own merrit and talents. After a few years, Tugboat announced on ESPN from the Globaldome, GWF, that Chaz is his son.
Chaz has wrestled for every top company their is, GWF, WOW, NWA, WWF, ECW, TNA, Wing Japan, AAA Mexico, and many independants around the country.
As a 25 year veteran of wrestling, Chaz has a great mixture of old school and new school, as he was dubbed by Mick Foley in the 90's as a young Cactus Jack.

Chaz was the winner of the worlds first and only Bunjee Match
6 time NWA Texas Champion
13 time WOW Heavyweight Champion
NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Champion
1992 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Runner up Rookie of the year

Chaz has trained and wrestled with with some of the top international superstars in the business and also trained with some people with stars in their eyes that realized that professional wrestling was too tough for them.
"I am exactly what this tournament represents!, years of sacrifice, hard work, and dedication to be the best that professional wrestling has to offer, respect for wrestling, wrestlers past, present, future, and macking the fans happy exceeding the point that they feel that they enjoyed my match and felt that they got every pennies worth of their hard earned money when they bought that wrestling ticket. Google Chaz Taylor

Trained by Tugboat Taylor

The Durham Bull Chris Stevens

6'0"  250lbs.    KS

"I have been wrestling since May 1993. I have worked on the indy scene in several regions of the US, including the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama & Texas. I have been fortunate enough to be able to wrestle several great talents over the last 17 years, & learn the "art" of Professional Wrestling. Always just one big break away. Also a 17 year veteran of the health club industry, I actually broke in to the gym business working for Ric Flair's Gold's Gym in my hometown of Durham, NC in 1994. I now operate a 150k square foot multisport facility in Wichita, KS & wrestle on the weekends. I am married with four children. I grew up in the early to mid '80s in the heart of the Crockett Promotion. I was heavily influenced by guys like the Funks, Race, Murdoch, Rhodes & the Horsemen, as well as being an avid follower of the Von Erich/Freebird war. I am honored to be a part of this tournament, & am going to be in the zone."

"In October 1997, Ric Flair urged me to quit wrestling & told me - Give it up. It'll never happen for ya. I haven't quit yet!"

Trained by: Ivan Koloff, Concord, NC

Andy Dalton - DID NOT ATTEND




When asked to describe himself, Andy says "I'm a Second Generation Wrestler, Five Star Athlete & Ten Times better than you!"

As long as he can remember, Andy has been watching or somehow involved in wrestling. His father Frank Dalton was a prowrestler in the 60s & 70s, up till 1985. He was a part of the team "the Dirty Daltons" alongside Jack Dalton. After years of ruling the tag team scene in Louisiana, the Gulf Coast areas, he split from the team & started his singles career. He got out of wrestling and settled in Houston but like many was called back to the business by Buck Robley to be the original Friday for Kamala. He worked with Kamala in WCCW, Mid-South, & Kamala's initial WWF run in late 1984. He retired when Kamala walked out of the WWF around the beginning of 1985 & he left wrestling for good. Frank Dalton passed in Oct. 1995.

Fast forward to 2003 when Andy dropped out of High School & began training around April 2004 in Tyler, TX under Joey Corman & Samir at the NAWA Pro Wrestling Training School. Joey & Samir were both trained by Killer Tim Brooks. Since his father had passed, Andy's family moved to Sherevport, LA. So two days a week, he rode with his mom for 2 hours to Tyler, train for 2 hours, then ride 2 hours back home. The school closed down in Oct. 2004 & he had his first match January 31, 2005.

Since that time, he has worked all over the state of TX, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia & New York.

"I feel like I have a lot to offer the wrestling business. I'm charismatic, energetic, creative & enjoy every aspect of the wrestilng business. Hopefully, one day, I'm utilized for the best of my abilities within an organization that will benefit from me & me from them."  ~Andy Dalton

Trained by: Joey Corman & Samir / NAWA Pro Wrestling School

Andy Anderson

6'1" 240 lbs. GA

Currently working in GA, got his start at the Deep South Development School in GA. Has been working independent shows for the past 5 years. 33 years old, recently started his own promotion in May '09 - Mid Georgia Championship Wrestling. (

So he will be participating but will also be looking at all the talent for his promotion!

Trained by: Deep South Wrestling / Mid Georgia Championship Wrestling

Dr. Nemo Luv

5'5"  160 lbs  TX

Has been working for 2 years, started wrestling amatuer in Jr. High, was the 2006 Houston National Champion at 125lbs weight class. He has been a fan of wrestling all his life & followed his Uncle & Cousin in to the Pros but started becoming serious after meeting Eric Young in TN. He loves to combine his amatuer background & his new highflying skills. He is a good all around worker.

Trained by Killer Tim Brooks


Dr. Kliever

       6'5"  240 lbs.  OR

He has been working for about 8 years, mostly as a heel. He is listed as one of the most technically sound wrestlers in the Portland, OR area. He is currently the Heavyweight Champion of the West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC) promotion in OR. His promoters state that he is very good at bringing crowds to the matches & involving them emotionally in the shows.

Trained by: Sandy Barr

Kevin Douglas

5'9"   185 lbs   TX 

"With 11 years of experience, I feel like I am primed for an opportunity like winning this tournament. My name is Kevin Douglas, & "pound for pound" there isn't a better wrestler in the world!

I was trained by the BEST. Top Heavyweight Rodney Mack took me to the Woodshed time & again to make me a WRESTLER. Jazz showed me what a Supreme Athlete & a World Champion was supposed to be like. With their guidance and love I grew to be what I am today.

Having beaten some of the Best & Biggest in the World.... Also having braved the ring with the likes of Necro Butchers, Japanese Gladiators, Manimals & Freaks of Nature, I believe I can handle whatever this tournament throws at me.

B ecause I don't fight for fame, or fortune... or even pride. I fight for Honor, Respect, the Pure LOVE of it... and the fact that I have the Freedom to do so. So bring 400, bring 800 wrestlers, I can beat all of them & win this tournament!"

as written by Kevin Douglas, himself.

Trained by: Rodney Mack & Jazz, The DoggPound

Michael Faith - DID NOT ATTEND

6' 2"  375 lbs  OK

Been working for 12 years, trained by Mr. Ebony Tom Jones. 

Trained by: Tom Jones


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